Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Drivin the mini van

     Well it is that time of the year again.  Family vacation time that is.  Every year my family gets together and goes on a vacation to the beach.  My mom, dad, sister, boyfriend, brother-in-law and three nephews are all here.  We got a nice big house right near the ocean and we are having a blast.  Good ol' family time.  My nephews are absolutely adorable.  Ethan is two and he is a handful.  Earlier today we were on the beach running, building sand castles and of course playing with Thomas the Train.  Whoever invented Thomas the Train I envy you.  That boy has every train you could possibly think of at $15 dollars a pop.  Then there is the twin boys, Eli and Noah.  They are eight months old.  Noah absolutely loves the beach, while Eli acts like someone is hurting him if his feet touch the sand.

     As much as me and boyfriend love the fam we decided that we needed a night out just the two of us, but the only problem was that we didn't drive down here.  We wanted to save money so we rode with my parents.  I was telling my parents about our little situation of not having a car and so my dad says (in a chipper voice I might add), "Take the mini van!"  Now don't get me wrong ... mini vans are cute and very practical for families... BUT not so cute when your in your early twenties with no cute little kiddies running around.  Needing a night out alone we decided that we would rock that mini van and we would do it with style!  So boyfriend and I hopped into the mini van and went cruising down the street with the windows rolled down.  We looked extremely cool and we were loving it.

Doesn't he look cool?  He should def get a mini van right?

On our date night

What a babe!

Are you in love or what?

the end

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