Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Enemy

     So boyfriend decided that he wanted to buy a playstation 3 ... so he went to target and got one.  He was all excited and I do have to admit I was excited at first.  I wanted to play some games and watch some blu-ray movies but now I am starting to rethink his purchase.  All the boy wants to do is play that daggum thing and I don't know how I feel about it.
     Tonight the whole family got together to watch American Idol (YAY SCOTTY!) but instead of watching American Idol guess what boyfriend did... alright I will tell you ... he played his daggum playstation.  I am either going to have to become an expert gamer or take up knitting or something or maybe i'll through the playstation out the window!  

But gosh aren't we cute?  

Since boyfriend is so adorable ... I guess the playstation can stay.


  1. If I had a boyfriend and he got a playstation, I'd expect the same thing to happen. Since neither of these are true for me, though, I suppose I'll have to hope that he gets slightly less enamored with it as time goes on. (:

  2. thankfully boyfriend said he would get me my own controller so I could join in!

  3. girllll I remember our Nintendo days! Mario Party, Donkey Kong... etc.