Monday, May 23, 2011


      I leave Florida tomorrow morning and I have had the best time!  Boyfriend and I went to Orlando for a few days.  We went to Universal Studios where I got to become a little kid again.  Of course the first place I wanted to go was the Harry Potter World.  It was amazing.  I made sure to go into every single shop, watch every single preformance, and ride every single ride.  I rode some of them twice.  I also made sure to take one thousand a lot of pictures just so that I could remember every detail.  Oh and how can I forget that I drank at least three cups of butterbeer.  No it's not actually beer, it is a drink they have that kinda taste like cream soda ... but since it was in Harry Potter World ... it was ten times better! And ten times more expensive. 
I am leaving Florida tomorrow morning and heading back home.  For our last night we are going out to eat with JT's Granddad (aka papa bear) and then we are going to do some last minute shopping.  Every time I go on a trip I like to bring back something for my parents.  I normally bring back a t-shirt and they sport it around town.  Oh the little things in life!

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